Jurriaan Löwensteyn

Tribute In Crystal (2016)

Object of brass, copper, copper sulphate crystals.

Diorama based on Van Gogh's works. Part of the exhibition 'Van Gogh Mini's', Museum of the Image, Breda, NL,

curator Cornel Bierens

Hairy (2013) with Dimitri Madimin

Tapestry realized from human hair

Part of the Art In Red Light event #9

Ultra Violet (2012)

UV light instalation, wood, varnish

A ghost print experiment. The image was created by projecting UV light against a candle, resulting in a negative image imprinted on the wood panel.

Ongoing prject

Monochrome Alley (2006)

Scale model at 1:12 (metric) for experimental photography.

Wood, paint, plaster, plastics, metal, glue.